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Welcome to IQRA

We provide courses for Classical Arabic and Islamic studies.

Our courses are available online or by attending classes at our institute.

Est. since 2006, you can be sure to access authentic Islamic learning for children and adults.

Who wants to study?

Our courses are for anyone who wants to learn Islam and understand it's message. We have courses for both children and adults. No matter what your age, we believe that there is no end to learning and above all, no shame. Whether you want to brush up, revise or advance your understanding of Islam or Classical Arabic; we look forwarding to helping you.

IQRA Open Mushaf Quran

Our Management Staff


Mufti Shamim


• Alimiyyah, Bolton 2002
• Arabic, Damascus 2003
• Arabic & Ahādīth, Cairo 2004
• Dar al-Iftā, Blackburn 2005
• Established IQRA, 2006
• Designated Safeguarding Lead
• First Aid & Paediatric First Aid


Muallimah Shifa

Deputy Head

• Alimiyyah, Bradford 2006
• BA English Hons, OU 2014
• TEFL Certified, 2017
• PGCE English, Blackburn 2019
• Safeguarding & Child Protection
• First Aid & Paediatric First Aid


Sheikh Abu Bakr


• Alimiyyah, Blackburn 2005
• Deputy Designated Safeguarding
• First Aid & Paediatric First Aid

IQRA Islamic architecture

Arabic & Islamic Studies

Quran & Elocution (Tajwīd)
Classical Arabic (Fusḥā)
Beliefs & Law (‘Aqāid & Fiqh)
Prophetic traditions (Aḥādīth)
Islamic history (Sīrah & Tārīkh)
Etiquettes & Spirituality (Ādāb & Tasawuf)

Tahfīdh al-Qurān

This course is focused upon the memorisation of the entire Holy Qurān with Tajwīd. Move at your own pace or choose a challenging routine. The choice is yours to attain one of the greatest achievements in the world.

IQRA Learning Quran on stand


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Join our course and start your personal journey of knowledge and enlightenment today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students gain the fundamentals required to succeed in this world and the next.

Call 07719 236 687

Monday to Friday Classes:
4.30pm till 7.45pm

Admin & Office Hours: 5pm till 6pm
& 6.30pm till 7.30pm

Spring Hill Community Centre
Exchange Street
Lancashire BB5 0JD

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NEW for 2020

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته 
 New Online Course update:
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COVID-19 (Coronavirus): We are currently closed due to government legislation. We will reopen again as soon as it is safe to do so adhering to legal advice.