Jerusalem 2018


Alhamdulillah, this trip was an absolute success. A true adventure which has touched our souls and hearts.

Here are some comments from the group:

“Just wanted to echo some of the comments made by fellow colleagues.”
“It was a truly inspirational spiritual, physical, and historical journey of a lifetime – made all the much better by a fantastic group leader in Shaikh Shamim, ably assisted by Moulana Habib Ullah, and a great group of people brought together through fate.”
“We will forever remember this trip which has, not only, reinforced our love for Masjid Al Aqsa, but more importantly our love for our fellow brethren in deen.”
Mukhtar Master, Preston

“As the dust settles and the realisation kicks in.”
“The connection of the heart with masjid Al Aqsa is well established. I can without doubt say that this been a Phenomenal journey and experience … in the company of an amazing group.  SubhaanAllah!”
“From the bottom of my heart… my duas to Mufti Shaib and Moulana Habibullah….may Allah be pleased with you both for your efforts and sacrifices.”
“Its been an honour to be part of this spiritual journey.”
“Takbeer!… AllahhuAkbar.”
Zakir Hussain, Blackpool

“Just wanting to say how much of an honour it was to have you Mufti saab as our ameer guide and host for this amazing trip that we have all been on (and ably abided by Moulana Habibullah throughout).”
“And I have no doubt the rest of the group echo these sentiments.”
“May Allah swt give you more barakah and allow you to continue to benefit the Ummah through your guidance and knowledge…Ameen.”
Ismail Timol, Preston