Here at IQRA Learning we have our own dedicated Islamic Sharī’ah Council which offers a few services relating to the Muslim faith and practices according to the Hanafi school of thought.

Religious Guidance & Advice
Our qualified religious scholars and affiliation with Islamic institutions worldwide, allow us to publish Islamic solutions, responses and edicts (fatāwa) pertaining to a wide range of contemporary issues.

Matchmaking Service – Coming soon
Marriage is most blessed when both partners are compatible with mutual understanding. For most Muslims, it becomes an obligation in order to safeguard chastity and take a step towards family life. However, many Muslims experience a cultural journey when looking for a partner which often awkward, stressful and not according to Islam.

We offer a unique service for single Muslims who want to get married according to Sunnah. We can help find a suitable match without any embarrassment or compromise in faith. Our method is compliant, honourable and advantageous. Here are our steps:
• Register and fill in a questionnaire – no photographs or pictures involved
• We try to match you with a compatible partner based upon your personality
• A viewing or meeting is arranged in a public place according to Sunnah
• No personal details or mobile numbers are handed out or exchanged
• If things move forward then an official proposal is arranged (family involvement)
• If the proposal (khitbah) is accepted then Alhamdulillah, the marriage will go ahead!
Cost: FREE

Muslim Marriage & Certificate
This service includes the following:
• A qualified Imām to perform the Islamic marriage
• Two additional qualified Imāms as witnesses
• Two Islamic marriage certificates
• One copy kept safe in our records as proof
Cost: £70.00

This is for the religious service only. It is carried out in a room here or at an off-site suitable location and does not include any food or catering. Subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply.

Islamic Divorce Certificate
This is ONLY available to those who already hold a copy of a Decree Absolute or Final Order obtained from the court where the divorce, dissolution or annulment took place. Our service includes:
• Offering you religious support based upon your Decree Absolute or Final Order
• Translate and abridge into equivalent terminology from Islamic law (if possible)
• Muslim Marriage Tribunal: three qualified Imāms will verify the certificate before issuance
Cost: £70.00

You can download the application form here.

Subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply.

If you have lost your Decree or Final Order then click here for more information.

Translation Service
We offer professional translation services for marriage and divorce certificates from Urdu into English. A certficate is provided to authenticate the translation.
Cost: £50.00


Please note that Sharī’ah councils have no legal status and no legal binding authority under civil law. Whilst Sharī’ah is a source of guidance for Muslims, Sharī’ah councils have no legal jurisdiction in England and Wales. Thus if any decisions or recommendations are made by a Sharī’ah council that are inconsistent with domestic law (including equality policies such as the Equality Act 2010) domestic law will prevail. The Sharī’ah Council is NOT a court and their members are NOT judges. Sharī’ah councils will be acting illegally should they seek to exclude domestic law. For legal matters you should seek independent legal advice.

For more information regarding the role of Sharī’ah councils, click here.