SEP 2018 – 1st Term Update Letter

NEW FOR 2018/2019

• Portable Cabin Classroom

We have a new anti-vandal classroom equipped with lights and heating outside in the yard. This will allow us to teach all of the primary school children in the first session at the same time and all of the secondary school students in the second session.

• New Carpets

We have new carpets fitted in the corridor and three classrooms. We intend to fit more, but it is very expensive. With your help we can make the centre great.

• Cleanliness is a part of faith

Islam places great emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness. During the holidays much effort was applied in cleaning the centre and carpark. To maintain our centre, we will introduce a cleaning rota for students to install humility and make cleaning and tidying up after themselves something inherent and enjoyable.

Sadaqah is the arabic word for charity. Islam emphasises charity as it helps you and others in many ways. Donating your sadaqah to Spring Hill Community Centre (registered charity) will help improve the premises. Giving sadaqah will bless you, protect you and act as a shield on the Day of Judgement. Please donate regularly.

• Roofing, Security & Guttering £2065.00
We have a few leaks due to guttering and roofing issues. £2065.00

• Double Glazing Windows £10,000
This will reduce our heating bills greatly while adding extra security. This is for the following rooms Skillern, Bear Valley and Bowery.

• Security Fencing
We will need security fencing to prevent unauthorised people from entering and damaging our premises.