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Age Guide 5 years (YR1) 6 years (YR2) 7 years (YR3) 8 years (YR4) 9 years (YR5)
Qurān Ahsan-ul-Qawā’id (P16) Yassarnal Qur’ān (L20) Qā’idah Baghdādiyya (P26) Inc. half Juz’ 30 Juz’ 30 Juz’ 1
Sūrah Memorisation 1. Al-Fātihah
  1. An-Nās
  2. Al-Falaq
  3. Al-Ikhlāṣ
  1. Al-Lahab
  2. An-Naṣr
  3. Al-Kāfirūn
  1. Al-Kawthar
  2. Al-Ma’ūn
  3. Quraysh
  4. Al-Fīl
  5. Al-Humazah
  1. Al-‘Aṣr
  2. At-Takāthur
  3. Al-Qāri’ah
  4. Al-‘Ādiyāt
  5. Az-Zalzalah
  1. 1st Kalimah
  2. Before starting something
  3. Ta’awwudh
  4. Du’ā’ for eating
  5. Du’ā’ for sleeping
  6. Greeting a Muslim
  7. Reply to a Muslim’s greeting
  8. Before drinking water
  9. After drinking water
  1. 2nd Kalimah – Shahādah
  2. 3rd Kalimah
  3. Du’ā’ when sneezing and replying to it
  4. Du’ā’ when thanking someone
  5. Making intention to do something
  6. Du’ā’ when seeing a Muslim happy
  7. Du’ā’ when entering the toilet
  8. Du’ā’ when exiting the toilet
  9. After eating
  10. Du’ā’ if one forgets to recite the name of Allāh
  11. Du’ā’ after drinking milk
  12. After waking up
  1. 4th Kalimah
  2. 5th Kalimah
  3. Takbīr
  4. Tasbīḥ of rukū’
  5. After rukū’
  6. During qawmah
  7. Tasbīḥ in sujūd
  8. During jalsa
  9. To end ṣalāh by making salām
  10. Thanā
  11. To increase one’s knowledge
  12. When climbing
  13. When descending
  1. Imān Mujmal
  2. Imān mufaṣṣal
  3. Tashahhud
  4. Ṣsalwāt (Durūd Ibrahīm)
  5. Du’ā before salām
  6. Du’ā after ṣalāh
  7. Du’ā before wuḍū
  8. During wuḍū
  9. After wuḍū
  10. Du’ā when entering the masjid
  11. Du’ā when exiting the masjid
  12. Du’ā after ṣalāh
  1. The you see someone smiling
  2. Du’ā for parents
  3. Asking Allāh for forgiveness (after Fajr, ‘Asr and before sleeping)
  4. Du’ā when entering and leaving the house
  5. Qunuut
  6. When wearing and taking off clothes
  7. Du’ā to a host
  8. When breaking fast
  9. After iftār
  10. Making iftār at someone’s place
  11. When travelling in a vehicle
  12. When it’s raining
  13. When looking in the mirror
Names of Allāh 5 Names of Allāh 5 Names of Allāh 10 Names of Allāh 10 Names of Allāh 10 Names of Allāh
Fiqh Colouring Quran workbook Basic Introduction to Five Pillars of Islam

Shahādah, Salāh, Zakāh, Sawm & Hajj

Introduction to Tahārah

Method of Wudū’

Methods of Staying Clean: Istinjā’,
Wudū’ and Ghusl

Wudū’ in Detail: Farā’id, Sunan, Mustahabbāt, Makrūhāt and Nawāqid

Brief Introduction to Tayammum

Method of Salāh for Boys and Girls


Types of Najāsah

Ghusl: Farā’id, Sunan and Method

Rak’āt of Salāh

Conditions of Salāh

Nawāqid of Salāh

Method of Salāh

Salātul Witr

Salātul Musāfir

Salātul Marīd

Ahādīth 5 Ahādīth

Feeding the Hungry

Helping Others

Doing Things Slowly

Cleanliness Truth

5 Ahādīth



Using the Right Hand

Drinking Whilst Sitting

Kindness to Neighbours

10 Ahādīth

Ṣalāh, Love for Others,

Steadfastness, Life, This World

Du’ā’, Guests

Mercy, Modesty


Sīrah Childhood of Our Beloved Messenger Muḥammad

His Youth

Marriage to Khadījah

The Children of our Beloved Messenger

In the Cave of Ḥirā

The First Revelation

The First Believers Open Call to Islām

Persecutions Faced by Muslims

Migration to Abyssinia, Two Great Warriors Accept Islām, A Different way, The Boycott

The Year of Sadness

The Journey to Ṭā’if

Inviting the Arab Tribes

Al-Isrā’ and al-Mi’rāj

Tārīkh Adam







Aqā’id Articles of Faith

Qualities of Allāh

Allāh the Provider, Allāh The Merciful

Allāh the Protector, The All Hearing, The All Seeing, The One


Revealed Books

The Holy Qur’ān



Minor Signs

List of the Major Signs

Akhlāq Respect Cleanliness

Politeness in Speech


Starting from the Right Hand Side

Keeping Promises

Being Thankful

Spreading Salām

Helping in Good Things

Kindness to Animals

Thinking Good of Others


Kindness to Parents

Speaking the Truth

Saying a Good Word

Adāb Ādāb of: Eating


Sleeping, Waking up

Using the Washroom

Ādāb of: Greeting

Entering a House Speaking



Ādāb of: Travelling

Studying Qur’ān

Walking Masjid

10 years (YR6) 11 years (YR7) 12 years (YR8) 13 years (YR9) 14 years (YR10)
Juz’ 2-3 Juz’ 4-5 Juz’ 6-10 Juz’ 11-20 Juz’ 21-30
  1. Al-Bayyinah
  2. Al-Qadr
  3. Al-‘Alaq
  4. At-Ṭīn
  1. Al-Inshirāḥ
  2. Ad-Dhuḥā
  3. Last 2 Āyāt of Sūrah Al-Baqarah
  1. 1st 10 Āyāt of Sūrah Al-Kahf
  2. Last 2 Āyāt of Sūrah Al-Hashr
  3. Sūrah Yāsīn – 3 Rukū’
  1. Sūrah Yāsīn – Full
  2. Sūrah As-Sajdah
  1. Sūrah Al-Mulk
  2. Sūrah Al-Wāqi’ah
  1. Ayatul Kursi
  2. Du’ā for someone you hold dear
  3. Replying to the person who expresses their love
  4. Adhān
  5. Reolying to the Adhān
  6. Iqāmah
  7. Replying to the Iqāmah
  8. Du’ā after Adhān
  9. Janāzah du’ā
  10. Janāzah du’ā for infants
  11. Du’ā when hearing dogs barking in the night
  12. After drinking Zamzam water
  1. Protection from all calamities
  2. Du’ā for Laylatul Qadr
  3. On seeing a new moon
  4. Du’ā at the end of a gathering
  5. When feeling pain
  6. When visiting a sick person, asking Allāh for a cure
  7. When a loss or difficulty occurs
  8. When angry
  9. Being please with Islām
  10. Giving du’ā of blessings
  11. Du’ā after ṣalāh of need
  1. Removing doubts
  2. When embarking on a journey
  3. When returning from a journey
  4. Saying farewell
  5. Wearing new clothes
  6. When you see someone wearing new clothes
  7. Protection from evil eye, harmful creatures and Shayṭān
  8. Morning and evening du’ās
  9. When in the market place
  10. The lying down to sleep
  11. On seeing dreams
  12. What to read upon waking up during the night
  13. Remove fear before sleeping or after nightmare
  14. When intending to enter a town or city
  1. Du’ā of all du’ās The Prophet’s comprehensive du’ā
  2. When you someone afflicted or suffering
  3. Talbiyah
  4. Takbīr of Tashrīq
  5. When the sun rises
  6. When there is excessive downpour
  7. When one’s gaze falls on the moon
  8. When you hear thunder
  9. When visiting the graveyard
  10. At the time of death
  11. At the time of burying the deceased
  12. When filling the qabr with soil
  13. When experience a solar or lunar eclipse
  1. Sayyidul Istighfār
  2. Du’ā for seeking guidance – Istikhārah du’ā
  3. Qunū nāzilah
  4. Du’ā to remove worry and sorrow
  5. Before slaughtering an animal
  6. Du’ā for difficult tasks
  7. Asking for rain
  8. When seeing the first fruits of the season
  9. Du’ās from the Qur’ān and Ḥadīth
15 Names of Allāh 15 Names of Allāh

15 Names of Allāh

14 Names of Allāh 99 Names of Allāh
Masaḥ ‘Alal Khuffayn

Masaḥ on Wounds

Wajibāt of Ṣalāh

Sajdah as-Sahw



Miscellaneous Points of Wuḍū’, Tayammum in Detail

Sunan of Ṣalāh

Forbidden and Disliked Times of Ṣalāh

Ṣalāh of a Masbūq

Qaḍā Ṣalāh

‘īd Ṣalāh

Ḥajj and ‘Umrah


Types of Water

Impurities and Cleaning Methods

Maturity in Boys

Wājib Acts of Ṣalāh

Masā’il of Being an Imām

Janā’iz: Method of Ghusl for the Deceased, Shrouding and Burial

Jumu’ah Ṣalāh

Adhān and Iqāmah

Types of Water

Impurities and Cleaning Methods

Maturity in Girls

Masā’il of Ḥayḍ, Nifās and Istiḥāḍah

Wājib Acts of Ṣalāh

Janā’iz: Method of Ghusl for the Deceased, Shrouding and Burial

Mustaḥabbāt and Makrūhāt of Ṣalāh


Sajdah Tilāwah

Taḥarrī, Qaṣr Ṣalāh, Ṣalātul Mariḍ and Ma’dhūr, Ṣalātul Kusūf/Khusūf

Zakāh, Inheritance

I’tikāf, Laylatul Qadr

Ḥalāl Foods, Cross Contamination, List of Ḥalāl and Ḥarām Animals, Seafood, Uḍhiyah

Nafl Ṣalāh, Khushū’, Ṣalāh with Jamā’ah

Nikāh: Choosing a Spouse, Relations Before Marriage

List of Maḥārim, Mahr, Walīmah

Ṭalāq: Different Types of Ṭalāq, ‘Iddah

Buyū’: Ijārah, Ribā and Gambling

Taqlīd: Different Schools of Fiqh, References from Ḥadīth

10 Ahādīth

Feeding Others, No to Racism, Good Character

Thanking Others, Friends, Kindness

Trust, Keys to Paradise, Dhikr


10 Ahādīth

Promises, Tongue

Ghībah, Intoxicants

Beauty of a Person’s Islām, Carrying Tales

99 Names of Allāh

Importance of the Last 3 Sūrah (Mu’awwidhāt)

Speaking Good, Good Character

15 Ahādīth

Major Sins, Pride, Good Character, Health and Free Time

Truth and Lies, Love for the Messenger

Islām is Based upon 5 Pillars, Qur’ān as an Intercessor

Ṣalāh at its Correct Time, Kindness to Parents, Gatherings, Good Actions, Ṣadaqah, Ramaḍān, Friendship

15 Ahādīth

People of Jannah and Jahannam, Ghībah

Siwāk, Not Faulting Food, Modesty, Forgiveness of Sins, Lies

Appreciate Blessings, Laylatul Qadr, Durūd, Signs of a Mu’min, Stopping Others from Evil,

Ṣalāh with Jamā’ah, Du’ā’, Dhikr

15 Ahādīth

Not Having Hatred for Anyone.

Spending for the Sake of Allāh, Disliked Actions, Salām upon Entering

Rights of a Muslim, Status of a Mu’min, Reward of Patience, Forgiving Others, True Wealth, Islām is Easy

Sweetness of Īmān, Ṣalāh, Closeness to Allāh, Power of Allāh, Being Self- sufficient

The Pledge at ‘Aqabah,

Hijrah Journey, Arrival in Madīnah Munawwarah

Treaties with the Jews, The Hypocrites

Battles of Badr, Uḥud & Aḥzāb

Treaty of Ḥudaybiyyah, Bay’ah ar-Riḍwān,

The Message of Islām Spreads, ‘Umratul Qaḍā

Conquest of Makkah, The Battle of Ḥunain, The March to Tabūk

The Farewell Pilgrimage, The Messenger Leaves the World

Shamā’il: Abū Bakr

His Life and Work

The Mothers of the Believers

Shamā’il: ‘Umar

His Life and Work

Shamā’il: ‘Uthmān & ‘Ali

Their Life and Work








Introduction to Islamic History

The Umayyads



The Abbāsids

Major signs in Detail: Mahdi, Dajjāl, ‘Īsā

Ya’jūj Ma’jūj, The Beast

The Sun Rising from the West, The Smoke, Landslides

Blowing of the Trumpet, The Day of Qiyāmah, Mīzān and The Bridge

Death, Journey after death, Jannah, Description, Seeing Allāh, Actions that Lead to Jannah

Jahannam: Description, Actions that Lead to Jahannam

A’rāf, introduction to Taqdīr, our Beliefs with Regard to Allāh

Our Beliefs with Regard to the Prophets and the Ṣaḥābah

Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamā’ah, Beliefs with Regard to Prophethood

The Ṣaḥābah & their Rankings, Four Khulafā

Asharā Mubasharah

The Awliyā’, Mu’jizāt and Karāmāt

Isrā’ and Mi’rāj

Qaḍā’ and Qadr

Evil Eye

The World as a Place of Means

Life after Death



Attributes (Ṣifāt) of Allāh

Istiwā’ Īmān

Consulting the ‘Ulamā’


Seeking Permission Before Entering

Removing Harm from the Road

Being a Good Neighbour

Asking Advice (Mashwarah)


Ties of Kinship

Exchanging Gifts

Honouring the Guest

Virtues of Dhikr

Oppression and Bullying




Following the Sunnah

Spreading Rumours

Value of Time

Virtues of Knowledge

Benefits of Durūd and Ṣalawāt

Shortness of this Life




Modesty in Gaze

Ādāb of: Du’ā’


Guests & Hosts

Sitting in a Gathering


Ādāb of: Ghusl

Social Interaction



Visiting the Sick

Ādāb of: Moderation in


Importance of a Woman in Society




Personal Hygiene

Ādāb of: Adhān

Modesty in Dress

Moderation in Expenditure

Importance of a Woman in Society

Personal Hygiene

5 Branches of Faith: Mu’āsharat; Social Manners

Taking Oaths, Answering Questions, Using a Mobile Phone and the Internet

Walking with Elders

Beginning from the Right when Serving

Informing Dependants of one’s Whereabouts

Interaction with non-Muslims, Condolences

Mu’amalāt: Debate and Discussions

Nikāh, Transactions

Ādāb for the Seller

Ādāb for the Buyer

General Ādāb of Shopping